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Mojipic. The World’s First Voice-Controlled Emoji Car Display.

Gifs, Emojis, Photos

More than 1500 GIFs, Smiles & Emojis. Baseball Teams, Nfl, Nba, Nhl, Soccer, flags of countries, national symbols and holidays etc. Or just make a photo from your smartphone and display on Mojipic Device.

Voice Control

Sometimes you just don’t have time to get onto your phone, not to mention how stupid it is while driving. You can use Siri or Google to change EMOJIs or GIFs while you drive.

QR Code

Want to share your story? Your business? Or you just want an easy way to exchange your details with the love of your life while you drive? QR codes will help you share in seconds.

Real Time Drawing & GIF Maker

Want to get really creative? Use your phone to create your own unique art. Then use Mojipic to display it to the world!


Miss the days of Tetris and Snake? Mojipic keeps your passengers entertained with pre-installed 8-bit games.

$582,000+ with over inlove 5,700 Backers involved!
And 8500+ items sold!

Easy Install

step 1 Instant installation on any glass or window

step 2 Download mobile App and connect to Smartphone

play market app store

install 1
install 2

😱YEAH!!! 🥳 Mojipic Wireless Emoji Display is finally in stock and available for order! Grab your! 🤗

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